Are allotments open?

Yes, but to allotment holders only. At present (and in accordance with Covid 19 Government guidelines) no visitors are allowed. Children must remain on the plots they belong to, sadly running around is currently not permitted.

How do I sign up for an allotment?

You will need to contact our Lettings Secretary Derek Mumford here

What size is an allotment?

We offer quarter, half and full plots, there is a slight variation in dimensions owing to the shape of our sites and available ground. Typically a full size plot is roughly the size of a double tennis court. Plenty of space for a family to produce their own fruit and veg.

How much does it cost to get an allotment?

This varies according to the size of the plot. Plots are regularly measured and individual fees calculated on sq yds. Half plots are roughly £20-£25 per year. Plus a small admin charge.

How do I pay?

Our Treasurer Val Simms can accept cash, cheques or BACS payments and will send you this information on an invoice to your address once you have applied for a plot (here), met your site rep and viewed the vacant plot and agreed to the tenancy.

What are the rules?

You will receive a tenancy agreement once you have siged up for your plot. But the headline rules are that you must keep the plot reasonably free of weeds and at least 75% cultivated in the main growing season. It must be kept tidy from November till March. You cannot sell allotment produce. You cannot convert any part of your plot to parking or hard standing.

Can I put up a shed?

Yes, sheds are allowed, your contract will give maximum dimensions for sheds, greenhouses and polytunnels. Once up guttering to collect rainwater from roofs into an appropriate safely covered water butt is a must.

Can I keep poultry?

Keeping livestock on a Hereford allotment site requires prior written permission from the Committee. More information about keeping chickens on an allotment can be found here.

Can I keep bees?

While it is wonderful to enhance pollination and increase bee numbers, keeping bees on a Hereford allotment site requires the plot holder to meet a significant number of safety and practical requirements. In addition, prior written permission from the Committee is needed. Our Rules for Beekeeping document can be obtained by contacting our Lettings Secretary – Derek Mumford here.

Leave a comment on this page if you have more questions, our website admin will get back to you.

Please note we are all volunteers and it may take a few days before you hear back. If you are interested in joining our waiting lists for a plot see our Hereford Allotment Sites page here for more info and contact Derek Mumford our Lettings Secretary here.

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