Join the new Environmental Sub-Committee Zoom

Monday April 19th at 7pm!
We’re hoping to provide HALGS with some constructive ideas by midsummer. 

Can you think up an answer to these three questions?

  1. Why I love allotments…
  2. Here’s a positive idea for improving things…
  3. I’ll go away and research…

To find out more please email our secretary here.

April – Kings Seeds Plug plants offer 2021

click here for more info

AGM 29th March 2021

The 2021 Hereford Allotments CIO AGM will be held as a zoom meeting from 7-8pm on Monday 29th March 2021. Please click here for more info about how to join.

More New Trustees

Hereford Allotments CIO are pleased to welcome two more new trustees, Andrew Colby and Jo Sims who both have plots in Hereford were appointed in March 2020

January Update from Kings Seeds

Kings Seeds received double the usual number of orders in early Jan and while working 7 days a week had to stop accepting orders for two weeks to catch up.


New Trustees

Hereford Allotments CIO are pleased to welcome two new trustees. Anthony Ennis and Roy Matthews were appointed as Trustees to Hereford Allotments CIO in October. Both are plot holders of Hereford Allotments.

Summer Judging Results

Congratulations to all the winning plot holders, evidence of the hours and hours of hard graft, maintaining healthy and productive allotment plots across Hereford. Sadly this year there won’t be a prize giving ceremony due to Covid 19 restrictions on events and numbers of guests.

Security at the allotments (Aug 2020)

Sadly some of our sites have suffered unwanted visitors and some sheds have been burgled this year. We urge all plot holders to be vigilent, lock entrance gates, lock sheds and keep valuable equipment safely stored away from the allotment. Any suspicious behaviour should be reported to 101. Please also ensure your Site Rep knows too.

Summer 2020 Allotment Judging Competition

Info below on this years summer plot judging which will take place w/c 6th July 2020.
There will be following prizes available:
● 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for each site
● Best (1st/2nd year) gardener for each site
● Merit prizes for each site (numbers awarded per site is dependent on the number of plots)
● 1st overall prize across all Hereford Allotments
● Best (1st/2nd year) gardener across all Hereford Allotments

28.3.20 Update from National Allotment Association

Plot holders are reminded not to gather to chat even if 2 metres apart and plot holders to keep children on their plots and not run around on communal paths.
Here is the link for to the latest guidance.

Message from National Allotments Association about travel and risks in document link below:2020-03-05-coronavirus

Covid 19 Emergency Measures from National Allotments Association
March 23rd, 2020
Following the instructions around movement and gatherings from the Prime Minister on 23 March 2020, we are consulting with central government but as we understand the situation at the moment it is still permitted to visit your plot, ideally on your own to take daily exercise. It is vitally important that youfollow all the advice about social distancing and hygiene in the points below and not gather together on site.

Any plot-holder who is self isolating because a household member is ill with corona-virus should not be visiting the site.

Associations should display an advice notice on their boards. It is important that anyone attending the allotment takes care to stay the appropriate distance from others, avoid body contact and wash hands at taps, do not wash hands or use detergents in the water tanks and please pay attention to notice boards.

It is essential that no un-authorised people are allowed onto the plots for the duration of this emergency, ifyou do wish to bring someone to assist with work on the plot, please ensure that that this is notified either to Secretary or Site Manager. Careful consideration should be given to introducing anyone over 70, those with underlying illness or pregnant women.

We are living through a crisis, the likes of which none of us has experienced before, not since war time has the community spirit that exists on allotment sites been more important.

Please remember to look out for one another during these very difficult times.

Members should take the following precautionary measures :
• Keep hand sanitiser in your shed and wash your hands regularly
• Use hand sanitiser before opening and closing any gate locks
• Observe “Social Distancing” with each other 2-3 metres
• Do not share tools
• Minimise the contact with each other for example no handshakes
• Do not wash your hands in water troughs
• We recommend that all communal facilities are closed
• Click here for guidance if you do need to clean an area that has been visited by an infected person.
• If you have livestock on the site and must visit twice a day, take a photograph on your phone of your livestock, based on what is happening in other countries you may eventually have to print off a government form to leave the house but if challenged it would be good to be able to show a photograph of where you are going.
• Plan ahead to ensure that you have food and medication delivered to you during this time
• Stay away from vulnerable individuals such as the elderly and those with underlying health
conditions as much as possible
• If you display any symptoms of coronavirus stay at home and self-isolate for at least 14 days or until symptoms have passed.

I know many Associations have taken decisions to cancel plot inspections, seed swaps, association tripsand annual judging; scheduled Committee meetings and AGM’s should also be postponed.

It is important that any plot-holders over 70 years and those with underlying health issues follow the guidance and information issued by the government. It would be a good idea for Associations to give out a telephone or email address for anyone with problems to allow contact.

Perhaps a Buddy System that provided weeding and watering assistance on the plots of gardeners who cannot get to the plot due to long term self isolation could be set up.

All group NAS meetings were cancelled following the Government update on 16 March 2020 and will be reviewed on the 30th June 2020. This is a worldwide unprecedented and challenging time for so many people and of course the health and safety of our members, volunteers, and staff remains our number one priority. We must all consider vulnerable families, friends and fellow plot-holders and give assistance where needed.

Government advice about the Coronavirus is updated on a regular basis at this link.
For NHS information and advice CLICK HERE

National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners Ltd

Registered in 1930 under the Industrial & Provident Societies Acts no. 11144R VAT No. 1212930 14
Patron HRH Prince of Wales

All welcome at the Annual General Meeting Tuesday 10th March 2020, 7pm at The Kindle Centre, Hereford. See the AGM page for agenda and motion form.

1st & 2nd May 2020 10.30-4.00pm St Michaels Hospice, Bartestree, Hereford, HR1 4HA Hereford Allotment and Leisure Gardeners are supporting St Michael’s Hospice Plant Fair.

Rockfield Site Flooding Feb 2020

News in from Colin at Rockfield Allotments. Most of the plots are flooded to some degree , the water is still coming in via the ‘drain’ manholes. The water was emerging from the manhole outside the Texaco garage on Ledbury road.