Holmer Allotment Site, Hereford

The Holmer allotment site near the racecourse and skatepark has 68 plots.

Tasha Bennett and Sharon Baugh are the site reps for our Holmer Allotments.

Holmer Allotments are situated on a steep hillside along the busy A49, but inside the gate it is surrounded by hedges and trees and feels like it is in the countryside, with birds singing, pesky rabbits, voles, foxes and the odd deer, also views of the Black Mountains, the racecourse and the City of Hereford.

If you are interested in becoming a plot holder please enter your details here and our Lettings Secretary will get back to you.

The community of plot holders are an ever-changing mix of families, young people and seniors with both male and female being the plot holder. What was once a predominately male hobby is now much more diverse some plots are even multi-generational. All of us have at least one thing in common, our enjoyment of growing our own and leisure gardening; a low cost hobby which is great for physical and mental well-being and the satisfaction of knowing exactly where our food has come from. We have had a charity event on site this year whereby plants were donated by plot holders who also enjoyed a chat, drinks and cakes and the day led to a good amount of money being donated to a cancer charity.